Being Five

I saw these Dolly Mixtures the other day and I was five years of age all over again.

Elly is coming today so I might give her share!  I am really looking forward to seeing her.

Back later if we run out of things to say, if not it will be tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Being Five

  1. Brighid

    Dang, I sure miss my ex-pat neighbor. I could always go over there to have her explain the names in your posts that I didn’t know.
    So what are Dolly’s?

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – We had a wonderful Girlie time together with plenty of chat and laughter!

    Ari – Welcome to my blog, Your blog seems interesting.

    Darlene – They have been on the market since I was a little girl, colourful circles and cubes of brightly coloured soft candy and jellies.

    Cardi – we had fun! Spangles were not available in Ireland when I was young, so they were a special treat when a visitor came from the UK Mainland. I am sure it was Health & Safety took them off the market in case children choked on them!

    Brighid – See my comment to Darlene.

    Stayhome – The bright colours were part of the appeal.

  3. Kate

    Fantastic – i saw a couple of boxes of these before Christmas and bought them for my grown up children – so we could all remember being five!!!!


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