Daily Archives: January 28, 2011

With Thankfulness

The topic for this episode of the Loose Blogging Consortium was chosen by Conrad.


Today I give thanks for my little family.  By that I mean Elly & George.  For the second time in as many years they have come to my aid when I needed help.  A year and a half ago, it was following my hip replacement surgery.  Nurse Hitler and George were wonderful in their care for me.  Nudging me on with encouragement at every stage, yet telling me to slow down when I tried to over do things.  Thankfully I never looked back.

This week Elly came to be with me before and after cataract surgery.  We are half way there, as the cloudy lens in the other eye will also need an artificial lens implant.  At least next time we will know what to expect.  I do know all about cataracts, but that is with regard to other members of my family.  It is a very different story when it is MY eye they are poking in!

So Thank you Elly, yet again, for your love and caring and to George for holding the fort and looking after Buffy in her absence.

It was only on Thursday morning after the eye patch was removed that I discovered two major problems…..

A thick layer of dust everywhere AND I suddenly noticed my face had more lines than the London Underground! 😆

It was wonderful to look out the window and really see and enjoy the view!