My Blood boiled!

In the wee small hours of Tuesday morning, while buried deep in my scratcher, I heard something on the radio that brought me bolt upright faster than you could say “Jack Robinson”!  Don’t ask me who Jack Robinson was, it was one of Mammy’s sayings from way back.

So what was it that I heard to annoy me so much?

Chelsea have broken the British transfer record by paying a reported £50m to seal the capture of striker Fernando Torres from Liverpool.
The 26-year-old Spain international signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with the Blues.
“This is the target for every footballer – to try to play for one of the top clubs in the world,” he said.
“They [Chelsea] are one of the biggest teams in Europe and are always fighting for everything.”
The signing was pushed through shortly before the transfer deadline and came on a dramatic day, with Chelsea and Liverpool involved in the four biggest transfers of the day.
The Anfield club looked to plug the gap left by Torres leaving by signing two strikers – Uruguayan Luis Suarez from Ajax for £22.7m and Andy Carroll from Newcastle for £35m.
Chelsea also brought in Benfica defender David Luiz for a reported fee of £21.3m.

£50m – Fernando Torres
£22.7m – Luis Suarez
£35m – Andy Carroll
£21.3m – David Luiz

£129 million paid out IN ONE DAY for four grown men to kick a ball round a patch of grass!  In the larger scheme of things, what use is that?

How many operations would it pay for?  How many schools would it help? How many young entrepreneurs could it help with new start-ups?

Is it any wonder the world is in such a state right now. It is as disgraceful as Wankers Bankers Bonuses or Politicians expense scandals.

In these days of straightened times when ‘ordinary’ folk are losing their jobs, being told to tighten their belts and be prepared for difficult times ahead.  £129 million would go a long way to helping elderly pensioners eking out a living on a miserly pittance, having to decide between heating or food!

£129 million would buy 24,807,692 litres of heating oil!

Rant over!  Methinks I need my coffee early today!

15 thoughts on “My Blood boiled!

  1. Ralph

    Great post. The numbers are staggering, but you also need to look back at the revenues these clubs are taking I’m from fans also.Manchester united turned over £286M last year with £100m operating profit.

    The money goes straight out of the fans pockets and into the players and the fans seem to love it!

  2. rummuser

    Similar deals for cricketers are being struck for the 20/20 league and i too think that such expenditure is obscene. The big income is however not in the obvious but in betting. Fans are morons financing these monstrous display of jingoism/club loyalty. Games/Sports are now entertainment spectacles.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Ralph – Welcome to my blog. I decided not to go near the daylight robbery of ticket and strip sales, for fear of pushing my BP through the roof. In my young days it was possible to enjoy a football match while standing on the sidelines without a uniform to match one of the teams.

    Ramana – The god of commercialism has a lot to answer for. What annoys me, from what I hear or read, there are either winners or total failures with nothing in between. The Sports reporters seem to be the deciding gods on who is IN or who is OUT!

  4. Nancy


    Always happy to be of service. You wondered who Jack Robinson was that both of our Mums mentioned. Here is what I found out.

    One version is that Sir John (Jack) Robinson, the Constable of the Tower of London, held at the same time a judiciary appointment in the nearby City of London, and could and did condemn a felon in the City, then have him transported to the Tower where he commanded the execution, the whole process being done ‘faster than you can say Jack Robinson’.

  5. Mike Goad

    Since the money comes out of the pockets of fans and investors, I personally don’t have a problem from that perspective. That money would likely never have been destined for addressing social issues. It’s a business expense for modern professional sports.

    I’ve never spent much time watching televised sports. Years ago, I quit almost completely because I really didn’t like the idea of watching a bunch of overpaid prima donnas playing games on TV. Today, I’ll watch on a very rare occasion, but, generally, only for playoffs or championship games — if I happen to remember that they are on and I have nothing better to do.

  6. Brighid

    Marymine and I were talking about this over here just yesterday. Now sport is all media & big big money. Sad, there are no real heros anymore for young people to emulate.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – So that’s who he was! There was I thinking he was the soldier she was always threatening to run away with! (That was when we were naughty!)

    Mike – If it was the only income for these prima donna ball chasers, there might be some excuse…. BUT it opens doors to other lucrative endorsement fees on top of that.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Big John – Welcome on board. Good someone else feels the way I do!

    Brighid – The best place to enjoy sport is watching the youngsters putting their all into a game. No big fees, sponsorship, fancy strip and sometimes with borrowed boots!

  9. nick

    It’s absurd. Nobody is worth that amount of money, whatever their profession. It’s sheer greed on the part of the footballers. Do any of them give any of their fat salaries to charity? Or do they just hoard the lot?

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – It is an absurd amount of money for single players particularly when football is SUPPOSED to be a team sport.

  11. wisewebwoman

    Oh there is nothing like a good rant to clear the cobwebs from the aging braincells. I stayed away from the rant for a while but I think you infected me, I feel one coming on. *rage* *roar*

  12. Baino

    It is obscene even if their careers are short and the income sporadic. I wonder how much of this the players actually get. I’m not a sports fan in the slightest but was heartened recently when a number of tennis players participating in the Aussie Open gave generous donations to the flood victims. Then I guess that’s a tax rebate in the making too.

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – those large sums are door openers to major marketing deals for clothing etc. Mind you the fans who pay out large sums for season tickets to the clubs and buy multiple strips each year are fools.


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