Daily Archives: February 4, 2011


When I threw out the topic for this weeks episode of the Loose Blogging Consortium, I had no idea where that step would take me.  In a way, it leads me back to a conversation last week, where I said how important it was to TELL those you love – EVERYDAY – how much you love them and what they mean to you.


My story begins with a baby girl lying down on her back kicking her legs in the air, oh the freedom! Life is so simple yet every movement brings a new experience.  She tries to catch her toes. Catching hold of one foot, pulls it forward to put it in her mouth. Everything new is put in her mouth – so much to learn – taste, texture and “Can I can eat it”!

Slowly losing interest and rolling over she attempts to sit up.  Socks and shoes are put on her feet for the very first time and she is helped to stand. Amazed and with great looks of wonder, she points down continually and mouths the word Shoes to all and sundry.  A single small step is taken to explore the feeling of moving a foot enclosed in the firm leather.  A second short step with the other foot… then another and another, gaining confidence to move off in tiny baby steps, happy and waving arms for balance regularly pausing to point and show off her New Shoes….

Who knows where those steps will lead……..

I scrapped the remainder of the post I had prepared when Judy from Imagine directed my fingers, feet and my mind to Tucson, Arizona, and a blog called The Burrow. There I read two Posts that involve three generations of women all in the same family.

I commend both of the posts to you.  One Two (Nancy bring a tissue!)

Once past the ‘New Shoes’ stage we quickly forget and take for granted our feet; and the steps we take with them in life, not realising or thinking how a few steps can change our lives forever.

Watch where you put your feet!