Daily Archives: February 16, 2011

On the run

It has been a busy week.

Monday I was up and at it very early and and on the go all day.  I did meet some nice people, that always makes me smile.

Yesterday I drove 70 miles and despite it being a murky wet day with the clouds touching the ground, the wind shield wipers swished a regular rhythm to clear my view.  The good news is that I could see so much better than the last time I drove that distance.  It was a mixture of twisted byways and Motorway traffic throwing up sheets of spray.

I also had a return visit to the hospital this week and my eye passed with flying colours make that more colour and clearer detail!  Oh, by the way Elly, that guy we met last time was chatting me up forty to the dozen again!!!

I am one happy bunny!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes as well.