Daily Archives: February 22, 2011

First Boyfriend

Aphrodite over at beaut.ie wrote about her first boyfriend.  Well….. it got me thinking!

Stephen was tall, slim and had a head of bright carroty red hair.

He worked during the week so I only saw him in the evenings or at weekends.  When he was paid on a Friday night – with real money counted into his hand – he bought me a present. It was always the same, a quarter pound (4 ozs) of Kimberly biscuits, they were my favourites.

He would take me to the pictures on the cross bar of his bike, or up Knocknarea (thats in Sligo) to collect mushrooms.

Now don’t be daft, he did not cycle all the way from Dublin to Sligo with me on the crossbar, to collect those mushrooms.  I was on holidays for the long summer and staying with my uncle and aunt. 😀

So my first fella had transport and money!

Now Toyboys, don’t be getting your whotsits in a twist.

I was all of six years of age!