Believe it or not

Good King Conrad had the joy of selecting the subject to test and tease the Loose Blogging members today.

Skepticism vs. Disbelief

On the first occasion that I ventured out of doors on foot, during our post Christmas mini ice age, I called into the pharmacy.  It was merely an excuse to walk on a dry surface for a few minutes without the dread of losing my footing.

As I rounded a tall display stand I almost stood on a tiny pink baby carrier.  I think it was one section of a multi-part baby transporter.

On second glance I noticed the navy all in one suit with hood.  The outfit was lightly padded and held the shape in the seat.  My heart paused for a second in disbelief as the outfit seemed empty.  Looking about for the mother I noticed a young woman was talking to an assistant while keeping a close eye on the carrier.  Looking back at the bundle I realised that a tiny sleeping baby was almost lost inside the suit.

Fascinated at how tiny the baby was I stood watching until the mother was free.  We spoke for a few minutes and I discovered it was a little girl about 15 days old.

“A wonderful Christmas gift!” I said.

“More than a gift” said the mother, “She is a miracle!  Six months ago, I was told I had cancer. You are looking at what they thought was cancer!”

That young lady felt Sceptical at the original diagnosis and asked for a second opinion.  I know she will never regret that request.

14 thoughts on “Believe it or not

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – Indeed.

    BTD – I thought so.

    Ramana – The more they know; the more they know they don’t know!

    Nick – It may well have been an ectopic pregnancy.

  2. Marianna

    This illustrates the importance of trusting one’s gut, which gets its information from the heart

    Thanks for sharing this story – a wonderful reminder to us all to listen to those quiet whisperings that help to guide us through life.

  3. Baino

    Good grief! I think that says more about the Irish Health System than you realise. Ectopic pregnancies never go to term since they are outside the womb and usually within the fallopian tubes making this an horrific diagnosis. Good job she trusted her instincts.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – I am a great believer in following gut instincts.

    Baino – I agree and she was fortunate to find someone who would listen.

  5. Conrad

    I am sitting here in wonder of two things:
    1) This amazing story.
    2) Your ability to draw amazing stories into your life!

    You never cease to amaze me in your sense of so many of the rich veins of human experience and the way you seem to be put so often in their path. It makes me wonder how much is your sensitivity to what is going on around you – and perhaps all of us – and how much is extraordinary experience.

    Not that they are mutually exclusive.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – Thank you. The only way I can satisfy you wondering, is to say that I love people. I love to watch, meet and listen to them. They all have a story and nowadays I have the time to take those stories into my heart.

    I realised last night, that through the Loose Blogging Consortium alone, I have met and spoken by phone, chat and Skype to twenty four people plus three young children! Each of them has a story. I am blessed.


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