Daily Archives: March 2, 2011

The Army Marches On

Santa has his elves, but they are nothing when it comes to Mulley’s Army.

Unlike the Lapland crew Tapping and banging away while wearing colourful outfits, whistling and singing “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho…!”  Mulley’s Army work tirelessly in the back ground, unseen, and unheard.  Without their input and output there would be no party.  No Irish Blog Awards!

You think I’m kidding, right?  No way!

Over many months Mulley’s Army beaver away organizing a Venue, Sponsors, the Music, the team to live stream, live blog and Twitter the event, a Photographer, the Props, the Awards, Name tags, the food and the liquids and goodness knows what else for the evening. A band of Pretty Maids & Guys check out the talent welcome everyone and answer questions. Runners play an important role – every successful event has people to run and fetch this that or the other in the hours before Lift-off!  Glass hammers and long stands are always useful! 😉

Two people that deserve special mention are John Blackbourn – responsible for building the nomination and judging system. Rick O’Shea is the ever professional and reassuring MC for the evening.

I am not finished by a long shot.  The very long shot are the band of 100 judges who voluntarily give of their every waking moment, once the list of Nominations has been published, to read, mark, and inwardly digest all the blogs listed.  This is necessary to make sure the blogs are actually ‘live with regular posting’ and fit in the category in which they have been nominated.  Once the Short Lists appear, the blogs that make the grade are re-shuffled and the Judges begin all over again to find the few with that something special to become Finalists. That is where the Judgely huddles are at the moment.  Oh, the excitement!

Other supporting acts that take place earlier in the day and over the years have proved popular are:

The Blog Awards Photowalk, organised this year by Davy and Phil I hear whispers that they have a very exciting programme planned.  NO. NO. NO.  Kill that idea right now! I will not be posing in my Birthday suit beside Queen Vic in the grounds of the City Hall!  Goose bumps do not a pretty picture make! 😆

Now the Hi-light of the afternoon for me is the sedate Ladies Tea Party!  Splutter!!!!  Did I say sedate? Who was that woman in the bath last year?

This year yet again the wonderful Lady Sabrina has hit gold with another exciting venue and Sponsor for the event.  Goody bags are being packed as we speak!

My click clacks are all polished and ready. Now what do you think I should wear with them?