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Every picture tells a story

A new challenge for the Loose Bloggers Consortium.  Ramana send each of us the following enclosure and suggested we find a tale to suit it.  In order not to upset the regular Friday programme, he suggested that we try it out today.  I think that man needs a day job!! 😆

You Choose The Title

Joseph, Finbarr & Alice in the Park*

Joseph was the chalk to Finbarr’s cheese.  They were separated in age by two years.  Alice sometimes wondered why she got herself mixed up with them.  Her life until that point had been a straight path, but now they were approaching a V in the road.  A decision was required to the question: “Right or Left”?

She knew where her heart lay.

Joseph was the quiet dependable type and he listened.  At least she thought he did.  At times he seemed to be in a different world as she told him excitedly about whatever it was that she had been up to.  If it was shopping and she showed him a purchase, he would tell her it was ‘nice’ or that the colour suited her.  He never really showed excitement.

Joseph; never Joe, was happy for her to make plans and arrangements for the theatre, dinners or visits to the cinema.  She noticed that her choice was usually respected and even if others were discussed, hers won the day.

Their backgrounds were very different.  She lived with her widowed mother in a small first floor apartment, in the centre of town.  He was part of a vast family. They lived in the suburbs with green fields and open spaces for neighbours.  He was the eldest and responsibility settled on his shoulders at a very young age.  Perhaps the burden of that responsibility dulled the view of life for him.  He never seemed to take things for granted.  He was grateful for every little kindness and in his own quiet way, made her feel like a princess.

Finbarr was very much in your face.  He was noisily spontaneous and full of fun.  You never knew what he was going to do next.  If he saw Alice about town, he would creep up behind her and throw his arms around her, pick her up and swing her around in a circle before setting her back on her feet again.  If sitting on the top deck of a bus with her, he would produce a book to read her a story – ALOUD!  He would hold up the book at face level, put his finger under each word and pronounce it like a child learning to read.

In the beginning Alice would blush bright red and feel embarrassed, but with time she learned to giggle along with Finbarr.   At the meal table he would check on the correct table manners from an etiquette book that he had been given in school.  He reminded everyone that it was bad manners to Slllllurp soup!   He cut bread into 1cm squares before masticating (found word in book) them one hundred times, or played dive bombers with cubed sugar.

On a bright summers day as Alice sat engrossed in a book while enjoying the sunshine, Finbar would casually walk up beside her and ask a serious question.  She did not realise that it was a distraction while he dropped a peeled grape or ice cube down inside the back of her dress.

Alice had a beautiful soprano voice and knew all the songs from the shows.  She was a regular for a principal role, in the shows performed by her local musical society.  Joseph had no voice to speak of, but Finbarr was not afraid to sing along with her and his actions for the romantic roles would have you in stitches.  Talk about course acting….

One evening Alice phoned Joseph.  She was feeling very excited and in a hurry to share her latest piece of good news.  As soon as he answered the phone she told him about the latest role that she had auditioned for.  The conversation moved on and they chatted happily for forty five minutes.

Suddenly she heard the voice on the other end of the phone say: “Alice, I think you better stop there and let me call Joseph. This in Finbarr and you don’t really want to tell me all your secrets. Do You?”

“OMG!” thought Alice.  “What have I said to Finbarr?  That is the last time I will ever phone that house.  I don’t know why I ever got mixed up with them in the first place”

Joseph came on the line and she ranted for a minute, but Joseph soon soothed her and she calmed down.

Alice did phone the house again, but was very careful to listen to the voice that answered the call.  You see Joseph and Finbarr were brothers and to her ear they sounded alike on the phone.  With the eventuality of gradualness Alice and Joseph were married and forty four years later they are still together and happy.

*Yes, it is a true story but the names have been changed.