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That man Ramana is obsessed with keeping the LBC folk from any chance of mental stagnation.  Twice in three days he has produced topics to tax our thoughts and fingers.  Today it is:


I like neat and I like tidy.

I like everything to have a place and to be put back there when not in use.  I don’t consider it an obsession, it just makes sense and saves time chasing around looking here there and yonder when you need something in a hurry.  But that is a subject for another day.

To day I take you in a different direction.

The 1985, Obsession For Women was supposed to set the world on fire with its powerful sensuality. It revolutionized the prestige fragrance business with its feverish intensity and irresistible appeal.

By the end of the century it had a sister scent on the block – Secret Obsession.

Like the original Obsession, Secret Obsession is from the family of florals, but the two scents are not meant to be related in any way other than the name.  They don’t share anything much other than an amber-y base and an overtly sensuous character. Secret Obsession has a sweet, fruity opening but, without the sparkling and sheer pinkish berries of so many fruity florals of the previous years. The fruits are spicy and overripe. It may smell more grown-up than the older sister, but to me it’s a bit loud,  and for some reason reminds me of hairspray.

My personal obsession remains a beautiful and alluring fragrance that has a luscious blend of fresh cut grass, light fruit notes against a background of flowers and demure musk and sandalwood.

No I am not talking about the compost heap!

I’ll stick with..

I apologise for sounding so flippant at a time when we are all so conscious of the Tsunami that hit Japan earlier today and now as I type has hit the coast of Hawaii.  My heart goes out to all who find themselves in turmoil.

View from a Belfast carpark

If you click to enlarge, Stormont the seat of our local Northern Ireland Government is visible way in the distance.  It is the white building on raised ground.  I hope that is not a storm cloud sitting above it! 😉

I was asked to stop taking photographs by a car park attendant.  I asked why.  Do you want to hear his excuse?  I was beside a Police Station!!!!!

The nearest PSNI Station is Musgrave Street way to the right and round a corner.  No way could I even see it from the floor I was on. Jobs Worth. Huh!