Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

Wireless Woes

I’ll be listening for the doorbell.  You see I am expecting a delivery.

A Kindle Wireless Reading Device, but it is not for me.  There are books ordered for it too.

Normally being nosey I open the parcel  to check what is inside the contents are all correct and undamaged.  This time I was encouraged to open up the package and try to add the books.  Now, I do have a bundle of books already waiting to be collected.  I wonder if I could add them?

“Just put it into the wireless” says Yer Wan to me.

Why do I end up with the difficult jobs?  I am covered in dust from scrambling about looking for the wireless.  At my new advanced age, it is very difficult.

I found it!

But…..but…. how do I attach the Kindle?