Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

Fresh breezes blowing

Friday again, and Gaelikaa has chosen our topic for today.


I had a funny old week. My schedule went totally out the window. There were a couple of mini disasters, but I soon got them sorted. I spent several days in secret negotiations, the results will be revealed quite soon. Very soon indeed. The plotting and planning was fun, and I am sure you will be pleased with the final outcome.

So here we are in the latter half of March and in this neck of the woods the weather is improving. Fresh winds of change are about us. We have signs of new growth and catkins and daffodils give a lift to the heart.

We have new growth in our weekly schedule from the Loose Blogging Consortium too. Ramana has found a new member to join our throng – Delirious, from the Bay area of California, blogs at Life on a limb and we are all looking forward to her contributions. So pop on over and give Delirious a warm welcome.

Now back to my covert activities. I was having a chat with a lady of good pedigree who expressed interest in joining our group.  She has been a teacher in earlier life, authored and co-authored some books, is well read and multi-lingual.  “What the heck is she doing talking to GM?” I hear you think.

During our conversation she expressed an interest in joining our group, so I offered to run the idea past the Great King Conrad. Without hesitation, he agreed that this fine lady would be a great asset to us and urged me to clinch the deal as it were.

😆 Right now I wish I was a fly on the wall in a certain household. 😀 I will explain why.  Our second new recruit today, is already familiar with four of our membership. You can find her at Padmum’s Pen. Have you sussed it yet?  She lives in Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is Ramana’s sister and a really lovely lady. Welcome Padmum! Come in, draw up a chair and join the craic.

So, not alone has my schedule changed, but you will need to extend your LBC viewing window, to enjoy our two new friends.




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