Daily Archives: March 19, 2011


I know I am supposed to be doing something today…… now let me think 😕

  • Shopping?  No.
  • Walk to the park and feed the ducks?  Maybe.
  • Go to town?  Now that rings a bell….
  • I know I have a date. The dress is on a hanger across the room, the shoes are so shiny I can see my face in them.

I remember!  I am off to the Irish Blog Awards, the Ladies Tea Party and to meet a new Toyboy.

Every year I write about new friends that I am looking forward to meeting.  This year I will mention only one.

I am so excited to be meeting Ike.  This will be his first visit to the Blog Awards.  I know you would like to meet him too..

Photo blatantly lifted from Digital Darragh’s Blog

Ike is Darragh’s seeing dog.

I did meet Freddie, his predecessor at several events and very well behaved he was too.  Freddie has retired and a blog post titled Thanks Freddie has been finalized in the best blog post category.  I have my fingers crossed that it will be the winner.

I know Ike will be working so if you meet him please remember these Do’s & Don’ts:


  • Do allow the dog to concentrate and perform for the safety of its handler.
  • Do understand that, for safety reasons, some blind or visually impaired people may not reveal their guide dog’s name.
  • Do allow the handler to give the dog commands.
  • Do assist the handler, upon his or her request, but always ask before you attempt to help.


  • Don’t touch, pet, or feed a guide dog while it is wearing its working harness.
  • Don’t call the dog by its name.
  • Don’t try to take control in situations unfamiliar to the dog or its handler.
  • Don’t give the dog commands.
  • Don’t walk on the dog’s left side, as it may become distracted or confused.
  • Don’t attempt to grab or steer the handler while the dog is guiding him or her, and don’t attempt to hold the dog’s harness.