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Travels with my Aunt

I am not talking about Travels with My Aunt the1989 comedy adapted by Giles Havergal from the Graham Greene novel of the same title. No, I mean a few days travelling through Ireland with my aunt who is almost like a second mother to me.  I have already mentioned the hotel and location in Limerick here.

Today I want to talk about the people.

We had a very special evening and dinner at the famous Collison table, often on view in the blog posts of our wonderful hosts for the evening, Lily and her son Tommy.  The chat was so easy that we all forgot about recording the event with a photo. Photo or not, I will treasure every moment for many a long year.

Gabriela – Dr Gabriela Avram – to use her correct title, found time one morning from a very busy schedule, to give a guided tour of Limerick University and take us back to her own office to see some videos of recent projects.  It was a whole other world to that which my aunt and I grew up in.

This photo of my aunt Mo and I was twitpic’d round cyberspace as we chatted to Gabriela.

During our tour we crossed the living bridge twice. The link is from an animated film that was produced by Gabriela’s department as a fundraiser for the project.

A view from the living bridge.

The Mosaic on the internal walls of one of the buildings.

The Flip Side

We were entertained by music from the Trio Birgit Burhenne, Joe O’Callaghan and Peter Hanaghan, members/teachers of the Limerick Jazz Workshop, while we had lunch.

Meanwhile outside:

Horse outside by Rubberbandits was the inspiration for one students campaign in the race for president of the students union at Limerick University.

On our journey back to Dublin a road sign jumped at me and We decided to follow the arrow.  It led to a sleepy village that will not be sleepy for long.  It had two churches – not remarkable for Ireland – and at lest one pub!  The pub had a plethora of flags at the front of the building and my aunt asked if perhaps there was going to be a wedding.  I think the event will have a little higher profile than that…

We were in Moneygall.

Now we will be able to say we were there before President Obama.  Suddenly my aunt was all interest so I sprung another surprise on her.  I drove to the Rectory to meet Canon Stephen Neill.  Stephen I know from his blog Paddy Anglican.

We were given a great welcome and heard all about the church records that prove Barack Obama’s connection with Ireland. His late mother Ann Dunham was a descendant of Fulmouth Kearney who left Moneygall, Co Offaly, for the US in 1850.  The excitement is mounting in the village as they prepare for the forthcoming visitors from The White House in May this year.

Yours truly with Paddy Anglican

I think my aunt is beginning to see my ‘blogging’ in a new light.  Thank you my friends for being so wonderful and making the short holiday a memorable one for her.