Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Shoe Shopping


I have heard it all now!

A 24-hour shoe shopping channel set for launch.

No thank you, it would never do it for me.  Part of the fun is walking into the shoe shop with the smell of leather and looking at the elegant display all around me.  Mind you, I have noticed that like all shops across the board these days, the stock is well reduced and more spaced out on the display stands.

I like to look and dream first (so many styles are out for me now) and then make my selection to try.  I usually remember to ask for the left shoe, the pair are brought in the box and the right shoe is presented for trying.  My left foot is slightly longer, but not enough to demand buying two pairs in different sizes.

I walk up and down in the shop on different surfaces for quite some time to make sure I am happy with the fit – How can you do that on a shopping channel?

Many times I have put a foot into a shoe that I fancy and immediately my foot will cramp. If there is one thing I have discovered over the years is that I cannot wear cheap shoes.  A well made shoe that is looked after will go on for years.  Our feet work hard and don’t get to retire so deserve comfort.

Would you buy shoes online?