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I have heard it all now!

A 24-hour shoe shopping channel set for launch.

No thank you, it would never do it for me.  Part of the fun is walking into the shoe shop with the smell of leather and looking at the elegant display all around me.  Mind you, I have noticed that like all shops across the board these days, the stock is well reduced and more spaced out on the display stands.

I like to look and dream first (so many styles are out for me now) and then make my selection to try.  I usually remember to ask for the left shoe, the pair are brought in the box and the right shoe is presented for trying.  My left foot is slightly longer, but not enough to demand buying two pairs in different sizes.

I walk up and down in the shop on different surfaces for quite some time to make sure I am happy with the fit – How can you do that on a shopping channel?

Many times I have put a foot into a shoe that I fancy and immediately my foot will cramp. If there is one thing I have discovered over the years is that I cannot wear cheap shoes.  A well made shoe that is looked after will go on for years.  Our feet work hard and don’t get to retire so deserve comfort.

Would you buy shoes online?

21 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping

  1. speccy

    I have bought fitflops online, but only after knowing how comfortable they are and how much I love them. If it were possible I’d never buy shoes at all, apart from those 🙂

  2. Hails

    I would, and do! Partly because I can’t buy shoes here in Korea as my feet are a size bigger than the largest size in Korean women’s shoes. 😉 But mainly because I would never in a million years consider shopping to be fun! Ordering online has been my preference since it became so easy to do. I’d much rather pick out what I like while sitting comfortably at home with no pressure from sales assistants hovering, and send them back if they don’t fit. The same goes for clothes. I always get too warm and flustered in shops, and will do anything to avoid going into them!

  3. Delirious

    I would not buy shoes online because my feet are hard to fit! I have to try on many pair to find some that feel comfortable and fit properly. One time I almost bought a pair online, but only because I had already owned the exact same pair, and knew they fit. (my old ones were worn out.) I also wouldn’t buy pants online for this same reason!

  4. wisewebwoman

    I hate shopping, like Hails, and limit myself to very few shoes. A good pair of walkers (trainers) Uggs for the winter and Birkenstocks for the summer. I do insist on quality like yourself and comfort (not fashion, gawd forbid) is everything.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – That is interesting and reminds me of the backroom tales mammy had from her days in Millinery.

    Hails – But what about the comfort? It is difficult enough when the shoes are in front of you?

    WWW – My shoe fetish is not what it was in years gone by! 🙁

  6. Big John

    “the smell of leather” … More like plastic these days. I can only wear ‘all leather’ shoes, and they are hard to find in your average high street shop these days. Perhaps I would buy ‘on line’ but only if I could find a good quality shoe at a reasonable price.

  7. Nancy

    Remember when women used to be so self concious about their shoe size?

    Our Tessie( You remember Tessie,don’t you?) had a very small foot and could buy sample shoes which came only in size 4 because they looked so much better in a smaller size. She always held that over my head because I had a larger foot.

    She would say that I wore a size 6 but a 7 felt so good I would buy an 8.. Funny thing, she was right!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Speccy, Delirious & Big John – what were the three of you doing in my spam bucket? Sorry it took me so long to release you.

    Speccy – my feet are far too cold for flip flops. Mind you they would make shoe purchasing very easy.

    Delirious – Proper size shape and comfort can only be found with trying. as for clothes, I have made the odd purchase but found the colour did not live up to the sample.

    Big john – Composition shoes play hell with my feet and I go for all leather, unless it is a trainer shoe.

    Nancy – My late mother in law wore a size two shoe as did our friend Lil! It was difficult for them to find any shoes in their size never mind styles.

  9. nick

    Definitely not. I have to go into a shop and try shoes on because they may not fit even if they’re supposedly the right size.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I agree. At times there can be a difference between two pairs of the same style of shoes in the same size.

  11. kenju

    No, never. My feet are hard to fit and I always have to try the shoes first. The only thing I could buy online is Crocs – although I seldom shop for anything online.

  12. Baino

    As the proud owner of just 4 pairs of shoes, nah wouldn’t buy online. I’d be more worried about getting the right size unless I could try them on first. Then I’m not that fond of shopping either, probably why I only buy shoes when mine finally die.

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Kenju – I have heard lots of people talk about Crocs, yet never tried them myself.

    Baino – Now that the awful winter weather has passed (she hopes!) I intend wearing a selection of my shoes once more. Some of them go back many years.

  14. Alice

    I have bought shoes online, successfully, but I also have feet issues and don’t buy cheap ones. What I do–and this will sound dastardly–is go to a shop so I can get that smell and find the shoe I want, figure out the size I need, then note what the shoe is call, then go online to see if I can find it online at a better price. Sometimes it works very well and I save a lot of money. Sometimes I have to wait for it to go ON SALE at the store. This method of shoe buying requires you to try and stay one pair ahead and not wait until you absolutely need a new pair.

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Now there is an idea! But…but… the child in me likes coming home with the box in my hot (make that cold) little hand.

  16. Frank B Smith

    I buy most of my shoes on line, but my foot must be the model for the last in my size. I recall, when I was in the army (US) in Viet Nam, we would get new boots delivered by helicopter through holes we cut in the jungle. I could put on a set of ‘9 regulars’ and walk all day, which was lucky, as I was the medic and had to care for everyone else’s feet :-/

    Now I look for good buys on Doc Martins. I got one pair for $13!

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