Daily Archives: April 6, 2011


I visited me, mine and other bits this morning. Speccy’s post today was about Girl2 suffering from earache.

As a child I was a martyr to earache. ‘Ears’ seem to have been a weak spot in our family. Eventually I had my tonsils and adenoids removed and touch wood (taps side of head), the earaches never returned.

Now in my sixties, I can still feel that pain. At any mention of earache my hand will automatically move to cover and protect my ear. That (ear) pain has been the marker for me of all other pain in my life. Not even childbirth ranked anywhere near it.

For many years, indeed right up until I married, whenever I went out on a winter’s day or evening, mammy would call to me: “Cover your ears”! My mini skirt might have been like a pelmet, but once I covered my ears, she was happy!

Home cures administered by my parents for my earache: warm olive oil dropped from a teaspoon into my ear and Daddie’s rosary beads to lie on!!!!!! Holy Fiasco what was the man thinking?  The crucifix was heavy with high relief, the beads were large and the chain connecting them seemed to my little ears as if it was made from barbed wire. A bed of nails might have provided more comfort.