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Good Value

The Loose Blogging Consortium challenge this week comes from Ramana.

Modern vs. Western Values

Do you think he sits up all night to think of these difficult topics?

I thought I was modern and I live in the West.

Will that do?  No?

You want to know my value?

Ok!  Now let me think……..

A bride price was a sum of money paid as a gesture of sincerity.  This is similar to the modern engagement ring except that the bride price usually went to the bride’s father and was usually just a token.

In my case things were a little different.  Jack presented me with a beautiful engagement ring of twelve deep-set diamonds on a platinum band. Unbeknownst to me, my father paid Jack to take me off his hands!!

You don’t believe me?  Well he did!

Daddy gave Jack a silver sixpence.

I no longer have Daddy
I no longer have Jack
I no longer have the engagement ring (burglers decided their need was greater than mine).

But, I still have the silver sixpence!

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