One of those days!

I wouldn’t mind only I had all kinds of ideas in my head for today.

We have had sunshine.  We have had showers.  Now the rain is coming down like stair-rods and beating the back windows with hailstones.

It must be the month of April.

Among all the phone calls, Skype messages and callers to the door, I found time to play dressing up.

I loved to play ‘dressing up’ when I was a little girl.  Trying on mammy’s shoes was the first thing and she had plenty of hats and handbags. Some days that was enough.

On other days I would pull down some dress from a hanger in the wardrobe and struggle into it.  When I looked in the mirror I saw a mini mammy looking all elegant rather than a little girl with curls and a bow on my hair, wearing an over sized dress.

Occasionally I would wear THE CAPE!  It was silver fox fur and it came to elbow length on Mammy.  If I close my eyes I can still feel the softness of the skin against my face.  It was pure luxury and I felt like a princess.

Thinking back now, I am sure those wet days drove mammy mad.  I was just about able to reach and pull the clothes off the hangers, then I would leave them on her bed when I moved on to something else.

Mammy had only one complaint and the sound of her voice still rings in my ears.

“Take those heels (shoes) off before you try to come down the stairs”!

9 thoughts on “One of those days!

  1. Nancy

    Funny about your post today,GM. I have a lovely little girl who is 6 years old living next door and the other day I was wondering if little girls still played dress up as we did as children.

    I wanted to give her some dresses I no longer wear and a few scarves and things, but hesitate to ask her if she wants them.

    So, all you folks out there who have little girls….Do your children or Grandchildren play “dress up” anymore or is this a thing of the past? Shall I ask her if she would like to have them or just give them to GoodWill?

  2. Brighid

    Dress-up was not on when I was a little girl. Maybe it was just me. But my grandgirls love too. So I send all kinds of funky fun things to them. Amazing what you can find at the thrift stores, old costumes, tutu’s, etc. Nancy, box it up & give, you know the box is part of the fun.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – I agree with Brighid. Get a great big box and get the child to help decorate it,then when it is ready produce the bundle of clothes and get her to pick what she wants to put in there. I bet she will play with them along the way! Have Fun.

    Brighid – I agree.So many parents nowadays think that the price of the toy equates with pleasure or learning. I have often found that these ‘Of the moment gadgets’ have one use or game to them. A Big box of mixed items can give hours of pleasure and help stretch the imagination.

  4. nick

    Not much scope for little boys to dress up, unless they fancy playing Count Dracula or a Mafioso. I just had the usual boy’s habit of getting all my clothes filthy with no thought at all for poor mother who had to wash them all.

  5. Big John

    “Among all the phone calls, Skype messages and callers to the door, I found time to play dressing up”. … OK, so what did you wear ? My imagination is running wild. 🙂

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Awww! One of my brothers had a long ladies coat that closed with one button at the neckline. He wore it cape style and called himself Captain Starlight. Time was spent jumping off walls and shed roofs… the thought he could fly!

    Big John & Ramana – Just you wait all will be revealed. NO! scrap that. The story will unfold quite soon! 😆

  7. speccy

    Dressing up is great! And the shoes may be the best bit…

    I love the idea of getting the girl to help you decorate the box and then fill it 🙂


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