Daily Archives: April 16, 2011

Eastern Influence

Some years ago, while working away in the office, one of my colleagues asked aloud of nobody in particular

“How do you fancy a Chinese?”

Quick as a flash without lifting my head, I replied

“I would prefer an Englishman myself!”

The office erupted with laughter.  You see it was in the hour before lunch and my colleague was wondering if any of us felt like going to the local Chinese Restaurant.  It was a place we frequented for birthdays or after a particularly busy week.  The food was good, the set menu reasonably priced and the service was fast.

Chinese Meal

On 1st April Ramana was fooling around with his LBC Post on Risk.

He finished it up with how he saw me in a traditional Indian outfit!

Grannymar in a sari.

Some people liked it.  Some laughed at it, while others positively disliked it.  To me it was all in good fun.  That of course does not prevent me from playing along with this game.

First off I tried this.

Then, in for a penny in for a pound!

Finally East meets West!