A Day Off

I gave myself a day off today from reading writing and much else.

Somehow I managed to become landlady to a streaming cold.  If I wipe my nose any more it will come away in my hand!  Not a thought to dwell on.

My dinner came from my freezer 😀 and it is seems to be doing nicely…. I think I can smell it and hope by the time it is ready a few taste buds are in working order.

An early night with a good book is the plan for the remainder of my evening.

I plan to play catch-up tomorrow, so be good until then.

16 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. wisewebwoman

    Get well soon, GM, I had a nasty one which I picked up in Cork from SIL and it stuck to me like glue for a couple of weeks.
    Brings one down a bit…

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Mayo – Why do I get blamed for everything? 😉

    Delirious – That picture might be a work of art! 😆

    WWW – Feeling a little better today and off to replenish the fresh fruit stock!

    Baino – I will survive, it will more than a cold to keep me down.

  3. nick

    Don’t worry, if your nose falls off you can always replace it with one of those red noses from Red Nose Day – and collect lots of money for charity at the same time….

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – My nose is red as it is, so a plastic one might not be out of place! 😉

    Judy – Much better today thanks.

  5. Alice

    I caught my cold about a day later! But mine put me in on the couch shivering and freezing for much of two days! I like yours better than mine!


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