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A Tour of Ireland ~ Episode 31


On the 5th September 2010, I began what I thought would be a short tour of Ireland. Little did I realise how much I wanted to include, or should that be how little I wanted to leave out.

Ireland is a small island, but there so many amazing places to see and enjoy. The pace is slow and relaxed outside of the main cities. A Pint can take time to pour and settle, the Pot of Tea needs time to draw and “Sure if you wait five minutes the scones will be ready to come out of the oven”!

So this week in order to help you find your way I will list the various episodes and where they take you.

Episode 1 ~ A general introduction to the series with some useful tips.

Episode 2 ~ Dublin – Getting about and places to see on foot.

Episode 3 ~ Dublin – History, Museums & Galleries

Episode 4 ~ Dublin – Literature, Theatre, Eating & drinking, Sport, Parks & Gardens and Shopping

Episode 5 ~ County Wicklow

Episode 6 ~ County Wexford

Episode 7 ~ Waterford

Episode 8 ~ Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow, Kildare & Laoise

Episode 9 ~ Cork City and County

Episode 10 ~ West Cork

Episode 11 ~ Kerry

Episode 12 ~ Limerick & Clare

Episode 13 ~ Galway

Episode 14 ~ Roscommon

Episode 15 ~ Mayo

Episode 16 ~ Sligo, Leitrim & a little of Donegal

Episode 17 ~ Donegal

Episode18 ~ Laois in more detail and Offaly

Episode 19 ~ Westmeath & Longford

Episode 20 ~ Cavan & Monaghan

Episode 21 ~ Meath & Louth

Moving across the border we begin with:

Episode 22 ~ Belfast Part 1

Episode 23 ~ Belfast Part 2 & surrounding area

Episode 24 ~ County Down

Episode 25 ~ Armagh

Episode 26 ~ Fermanagh

Episode 27 ~ Tyrone

Episode 28 ~ Londonderry

Episode 29 ~ County Antrim Part 1

Episode 30 ~ County Antrim Part 2

Episode 31 ~ Epilogue

For accommodation:

For Help

If you wish to hire a car, it is cheapest to arrange it when booking your flights.

If you are hoping to trace ancestry, do as much work as possible before you leave home.   Helen Kelly is a professional genealogist.

This is not the definitive tour of Ireland, it is my personal tour and I am sure to have left something out.  If you do have a query, ask away and if I don’t have an answer, I will try to find out for you.  To date in this series I have written approx  39,366 words, so it is time for me to take a back seat and allow you to digest it.  It was fun.  I hope you enjoyed the tour and found it helpful.