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Today I offer Céad míle fáilte (a hundred thousand welcomes) to Akanksha or anki at The Student Diaries, who hails from Bihar in India, and joins our Loose Bloggers Consortium.  Anki has been advised by some of the group that I am the youngest – well of course I am – I come from Tír na nÓg and that explains why I never have my feet on the ground! 😆

Delirious from Life on a Limb chose our topic this week.


I am not the best of sleepers, in fact nowadays I consider three consecutive hours as a good nights sleep.  Perhaps that has some baring on why I have no recollection of dreaming.  I do day dream – Plenty!  As I go about household chores I allow my mind to wander and at times I am fascinated by the direction it takes.

  • I might plan what to have for dinner by listing the ingredients I need.  The mention of onions can take me back to my mother’s kitchen and the aroma of a pan full of onions sweating down before being added to her dish of the day.
  • A soft breeze through an open window can take me to a country walk in early springtime or to friends I used to go rambling with.
  • The colour of a garment on my ironing board might whisk me off over the years to an evening dress of a similar colour that I enjoyed making and wearing… and to the beau I danced with all evening.

I wonder……

That is how it always begins.

“I wonder where s/he is now or how s/he is doing”?

“Why?”  I wonder has that person come into my mind just now, way out of the blue.
If I do nothing, the person’s face, voice or memories keep returning.

One day, while listening to the radio and dancing the dust waltz, a song from a popular musical began, changing my tempo and mood… I was back thirty eight years, at the theatre and watching a work colleague singing his heart out on stage.  We worked in the same department, his office door not far from mine was always open.  The sound of his singing drifted my way most days.  I kept his team on their toes and he in turn made sure they kept me up to date with all that was going on.  When I married and moved away, we lost touch.  A couple of weeks after the dust waltz, I was talking to a girlfriend who worked with both of us all those years ago.  She told me that our singing friend had died as the result of a freak riding accident a couple of weeks earlier in South Africa.

That is one example,  I have many.  Far too many times I have let it run only to hear, read or somehow learn that they are very ill or have died.  I have learned to try and make contact with the person that I am thinking about.  If I do make contact then everything will be fine and life continues as normal.

Nowadays if I say to Elly “Have you talked to (insert a name) lately?  Her immediate reply will be “Were you dreaming about them?”.  Usually she comes back to me within the day to say “You can Relax (insert a name) is fine”.

“YOU ARE A WITCH!”  Jack said as he walked through the door.

I was standing at the kitchen counter up to my oxters (Celtic for armpits) in flour making wheaten bread at the time.  My look said “Please explain”.

It all had to do with a conversation we had a few weeks previously.  He was talking about XX who worked with him.  I said I wouldn’t trust XX.  When Jack asked me why, I said that I couldn’t just put my finger on it, but that he didn’t ring true for me.  In my book he was a ‘know it all with a big mouth’.  Down the years I have discovered that people who shout the loudest are actually trying to convince themselves.  If you believe in your message, an audible whisper will convince an audience large enough to fill the Carnegie Hall or the Royal Albert Hall.

I do have plenty of similar stories to tell.  One I shared yesterday with a good friend brought the response of “Good Lord!”

Oh by the way, If you are pregnant and want to keep it a secret, don’t look me in the eye.  I can read that in a woman’s eyes, sometimes ever before she realises it herself!

Now I have a happy story too. It would have fitted perfectly with the topic today, alas, I need to wait for my next visit to Dublin for the final link.  I will post it as soon as I can and promise you it will be a pleasant surprise for all in the LBC!

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