Daily Archives: May 28, 2011

Crow’s feet

Speccy was talking the other day about reviewing  a beauty product.  Of course I had to add my tuppenceworth  to the comments.

I’m with you on the testing lark.  I broke my own rules and tried a new product that was given to me recently as a gift.  Within 12 hours my skin looked like crumpled tissue paper, felt like sand paper and after two days had raised red bumps like mole hills.  I thought I would need to go to A&E. 🙁

I should have listened to what I preach: ‘Stick with what you know and trust, even if it is goose grease’.  The important thing is to use your chosen cream regularly.  It might last longer in the jar or tub, but that does not help the face or body.  A high price is no indication that a product will work.

Alas, we cannot purchase miracles.

The High prices have to cover wages of staff who waltz about the beauty departments dipped in layers of ‘product’, chit chatting for the first fifty weeks of the year and are then suddenly rushed off their feet selling the large fancy boxes that contain very little, in fact if the truth be told, I am sure half those items end up in landfill.  Then there are display stands with magic lighting that makes the world look wonderful… you know the lights I mean… jewellers use them to make pieces of glass look like precious diamonds.  Some of those so called diamonds would not cut butter never mind cut glass.

Don’t go by the pictures of models you see in magazines they are all airbrushed.  Everyone including the cat knows how to use Photoshop these days.

Enjoy the laughter lines, they tell the world we have lived.  They give expression to our faces.  Botox might look good at a distance, but who wants to walk around looking like a wax work all day long, unable to smile or frown?

The eyes are the pathway to the soul, and that is where the true beauty of a woman lies.