Today I wait with baited breath to read the talented work of our Loose Blogging Consortium members.  The topic was brought to us this time round by Delirious.


Talents I would like to have:

Spontaneity – To just go do whatever – NOW this very minute.  I am learning… well I will tomorrow! 😉

Reading – Learn how to sit and get lost in a book and not move until I reach the end.  No.  Not War and Peace, a normal sized book.  Maybe If I ever land up on a desert island with no phones, computers or doorbells….

Singing – It would be so much easier to carry a voice around compared to a double base or a grand piano!  No.  I don’t play them either. Air guitar is my limit.

Enamelling – particularly on small items.

Sculpture – Bronze in particular.  The more I see the more I am drawn to the process.

Drawing – The only thing that I can draw, is a chair across the floor!

Painting – The town red?  Is there another way?

ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ

I have agreed to host @eolai for a few days & nights, on the final leg, of his Painting Cycle Tour of Ireland.   It is his intention to Twitter, blog, and update FaceBook as he goes along.  The brushes will be well exercised along the way.

Eolai works for his cake

Beginning on July 1st and continuing right through August this year, the exact route through the 32-counties will be determined by the location of those of us who follow him on social media and volunteer to host him.

Ideally, the route will go from Dublin clockwise around the island back to Dublin, but as Eolai says “There will be some serious zigging and some frivolous zagging’ to cover all the inland counties.

So far there are about 30 offers of accommodation and hopefully another thirty plus will be added before the trip starts.  That way he will have a reasonable idea of the general route come Friday, 1st July. He also expects as he cycles, to be looking for a few hosts along the way, and these will fill in the gaps on the route.

As the man himself says:

The idea is that I’ll do a painting for you in return for you feeding & sheltering me for a night. Paintings will be done in your locale or en route the day I cycle to you.

This type of project is not new to Eolai.  He has tried it before.  Across the pond. He cycled across America!  Ireland should be a doddle after that.

So what will I need for my house guest?

I better write a list…

A tea plantation… Eolai is a serious tea drinker, so a years supply might cover it. 😉
Milk.… a bottle or a cow?  The cow I think.
Butter…. Do you think 6lbs will be enough?   I’ll put it in the fridge and tiptoe past it.
Tiger Bread…. I know where to get that.
These are just to keep hunger at bay. 😀  I promise to feed him properly!  He is the kind of guest my mother would like – “He eats everything you set in front of him!” – Roll on August!

BROADBAND… Elly tells me I am well up to speed for the man!

ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ ϗ

Active LBC Members are:

Anki will join us when she has her broadband difficulties sorted.  Others may be distracted by work rest or play… wait now… that is a chocolate bar, but you know what I mean.

25 thoughts on “Talents

  1. wisewebwoman

    And you are so talented in the needlework department, GM, we can’t have every single talent, much as we’d like!
    Sounds like a good hotel for Eolie, lucky to have the GM ***** at his disposal!

  2. Padmini Natarajan

    Many of us do not recognize our talents. We were taught not to!!

    According to me your greatest talent is reaching out to people and having a leprechaun’s sense of humour!!

    And for spontaneity—you have it in abundance…the others are all wish lists….

  3. Rummuser

    And you forgot to mention your considerable talent in writing your blog posts, the great research that you did on Ireland for your travelogue and the eternal curiosity that shows in your enlightening posts about places that you visit. You bet you are talented.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – Once the second eye is sorted and settled I hope to get back to play with the needle.

    Padmini – How right you are. If we spoke about our gifts or talents when we were young, it was considered boastful! I enjoy listening to people and hearing their life stories.

    Ramana – OK, now you can take off the rose coloured spectacles! 😆

    Delirious – I still have so much to learn in the areas that others see as my talents. I have only scratched the surface.

  5. Conrad

    Hey, GM! How are you doing?

    I just brought a big bag of spuds from over at my blog. Let’s get started peeling before Eolai shows up. That boy looks like he can eat some potatoes!

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – I have their record!

    LOL Records are also a variety of potato in this part of the world!

  7. Conrad

    Typical. I half cut my finger off – I’m halfway clear through the outer layer of epidermis! – and GM brings out her record collection!

    Maybe if I wrap my belt around it and pull tight!! Hmmm … starting to get dizzy …

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – Hang in there man, next you will tell me it is worse than Man Flu. I’ll count to ten and if there is no reaction…. I’ll give you the kiss of life!!!!

  9. nick

    Cycling through all 32 counties – very impressive. I’m sure he’ll have some interesting tales to tell by the time he reaches you.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – maybe at the end of the trip there will be enough tales for a book.

  11. Alice

    Grannymar, I don’t know you “personally” as they say, but one of your considerable skills is your “people skills”, one of the highest skills on my own wish list. That and a good sense of humor. You have both.

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I think that being part of a large family helped me to understand people of all ages. Brothers take no prisoners and certainly knock the corners off. Humour was a big part of our lives and well used to diffuse many a tense situation. I am blessed.

  13. blackwatertown

    Good for you supporting Eolai. I like his trip idea. He’s welcome to get in touch if he comes to England.
    I think I once hosted the sand castle building champion of Lanzarote in Belfast once. I’ve benefited from the kindness of strangers. It’s good to repay it.


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