Art in the Garden 2

Another peek at some of the wonderful sculpture I enjoyed at Art in the Garden.

Lady in a striking pose I to IV
Michael Duhan

Lady in a striking pose I

Michael Duhan was born in Limerick in 1956.  He attended Limerick School of Art 1972 to 1974.  He first sculpted in 1984 and first exhibited at Temple Bar Gallery 1986.

Lady in a striking pose II

“Art is just another envelope from within which ideas can be delivered. Artists have used the human figure to do just that since mans beginnings. I use the figure as the metaphor to explore and describe my ideas on the human condition and humanity’s place within the world. In my work I choose to use traditional materials and techniques, clay, metal, fire.”

Lady in a striking pose III

“The work an artist does expresses who and what he or she is; not only that, the creative processes involved, both physical and mental, serve as exercises in self-exploration and discovery, helping one know oneself.”

Lady in a striking pose IV

An artist can only work with whatever resources and opportunities, which are available to him or her. This can and does restrict an artist’s output but most people have to deal with restrictions in their lives and simply getting on with what is possible and achievable in ones own personal circumstance is all that can be expected of one.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Lady with Largesse – Fibreglass

The Fibreglass Lady did not have much appeal for me, I show it for the variety of the sculptor’s work.

My camera ran out of charge before I managed to capture all the images I liked.  This one below was one of my favourites and I borrowed it from the link above.

Man and Muse – Bronze

Ramana is forever talking about his muse…. I wonder if this is how he gets his inspiration?

12 thoughts on “Art in the Garden 2

  1. nick

    I like the last picture – appeals to my sense of the surreal. I wonder if that precarious balancing act would actually be possible in real life?

  2. wisewebwoman

    Love them all but the Muse raises a lot of speculation, doesn’t it? Relationships between men and women, wherein the strength, etc. etc.
    Thanks GM.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    speccy – I bet that is without your glasses and in front of a steamed up mirror! 😉

    Ramana – I would have to meet her first before I could say!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Mike – Some of the smaller pieces were so true to life that you almost expected them to breathe.

    WWW – With that piece sitting on my Mantle, I might be able to solve a few of life’s puzzles. My busking talents would need brushing up first!

  5. Conrad

    I like these! Especially the last one.

    I have friends who are artists of varying kinds, some artists artists, some musicians. They and poets have the power of wonder over me.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I have decided that I must be conditioned to the Don Quixote figure rather than that of Sancho Panza.


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