Home again.

Did you miss me?  I had a busy few days with family and friends.  It was fun.

One day was spent with three of my siblings recalling the times we all lived under the one roof….

Was that not just last year?

We headed to The National Botanic Gardens, where we had lunch and sauntered around the various sections of the grounds recalling the tastes & sounds that take each of us right back to that time long ago.  Details of events that each had a different memory of, and the silly things we discovered – like peony roses which three of us hated.  Peeling potatoes got several mentions. 😆

In the Sensory Garden designed by Joan Rogers in 2002, we sat and enjoyed the sunshine as one story led to another.  Suddenly a robin landed on the railing round the pond, and watched and twittered at us.  All four said in unison “That’s Dan’s Bird!”

Dan’s Bird

Further along we found the fruit and vegetable garden.  Along one wall were Gooseberry bushes and just look at the effect that had on my siblings….

Looking for Babies

I bet Gooseberry bushes never had that effect on you.  I suppose I better explain…

When we were young there was a gooseberry bush next to the shed at the end of the garden.  I seem to remember it being removed after our sister was born.  When ever we asked that thousand dollar question… you know the one:

“Where did I come from?”

We were all told that we were found under a gooseberry bush!

15 thoughts on “Home again.

  1. Mayo

    That’s strange. I was told that I came from my mother.
    I guess the Irish are just conceived differently.

  2. Baino

    Haha lovely times. Did your brother from Melbourne go? Yes my Grandma used the ‘gooseberry bush’ explanation. Somehow it stopped the questions even though we never believed it. Still, better than being found in a cabbage patch.

  3. Alice

    I did not miss you, but only because I was playing hooky myself and didn’t realize you were away. Days away are downright good for you sometimes, but I’m glad you’re there when I do pop in. Now that you’ve had time to reflect and enjoy your family, I hope you’re rarin’ to go. (Now that I have my e-reader and download free books from the library, I find I read more and quickly because they’ll disappear from the reader whether I finish or not–so I make sure I do, especially if they’re good.)

  4. wisewebwoman

    Good times, GM, good times and great to share both our todays and yesterdays with the ones we love best.
    Sounds like they were all up (down?) for a laugh!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Sorry to take so long in answering your comments.

    Gaelikaa – I wonder if that story was told by all irish parents?

    Kenju – Thankfully no! 😀

    Mayo – We are a race apart! 😆

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – The only time I saw real storks was in Denmark, none of them were carrying babies! 🙁

    Baino – We had a long Skype call to Melbourne before we headed out for lunch. He enjoyed the banter.

    Alice – By Monday I should be back to my normal routine. A little blip has held me back. 🙁

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Big John – Now that is something I never thought about. Do you think the stork dropped us into the bush when flying past?

    WWW – We all had memories to jog and share. We came away planning to repeat the the experience next year. It was good to meet up for a day that was not a wedding or a funeral.

    Brighid – There were plenty of “Do you remember when…..”s!

    Ramana – Ha Ha!

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