Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

Déjà vu

I read and subscribe to a wide variety of blogs.  Some pop up as regularly as breakfast, while others are more like seasonal treats.

Padmini is the sister of Ramana, a regular commenter here, and she has recently joined our Loose Bloggers Consortium.  This and That, There and Here was added to Padmini’s portfolio in March of this year.  I wonder if she realises what that blog does to me?  The blog-face is simple clean, and straightforward to navigate and comment on, with Twenty Ten the chosen Theme.

I eagerly open up to read the latest entry….. yet each time I am stopped in my tracks.  Ramana might call it Synchronicity.

The header picture catches my eye and I am frozen on the spot.  It is a Déjà vu moment.  “I know this place!  I know that man! And I know why that golden retriever likes to go walking with him every day.” are the thoughts running wildly round my brain.

I need to wind back the clocks twenty five years or more…..

We were staying with mammy in Dublin for a few days.  My eldest brother and his family always made time to catch up with us when we went down to Dublin.  This trip was no different.

During the evening he produced a little gift for Elly.  It was a laminated placemat with a picture.  I think that the photo was originally produced by John Hinde for a postcard or calendar.

It was not the usual type of picture to give a child, but this meant something to Elly and more so to me.

The picture was enough to stop my brother in his tracks as he walked through his local Stationers/Bookshop.  It stopped him long enough to purchase half a dozen placemats for his nieces and nephews.

My brother recognised the area and the walk.  It was in County Kildare and the man was James.

Our picture was taken in much closer, but the shape and the walk are the same.  The dog this time round is walking and sniffing along the verge on the left hand side.

Uncle James was Daddy’s youngest brother.  We would recognise that shape anywhere.  My late uncle James did not own a dog, but another of my brothers was able to tell us that the Golden Retriever went walking with our uncle every day because………….

Not sure I should tell you why…..

No way!

OK, my uncle fed the dog a Mars bar.  I cringe when I think about it!

I noticed the other day that Donncha now has the same Header.