Weekend Snapshots

Now ten months old, Miss Buffy has grown

Please take me for a walk.

We didn’t catch the bus

We didn’t catch the train

We walked to the end of the road and when we got home…

I had fun.

Last time I was down in Dublin, Anders promised to take me for a spin on the bike.  He called unexpectedly on Saturday, and when he discovered I was in residence, he was all set to go home and collect his second helmet for me.  I stopped him and suggested we see if I could manage to climb on the back of the bike first.  As you can see I did.  George took the photos for me.  Thankfully he didn’t try to take photos as I dismounted!

Climbing down from the bike was hilarious!  The more I tried the more we laughed.  It reminded me of sitting on my tail-end in the snow of the Austrian Alps many years ago, unable to get up.  I bribed the guys not to tell you that George had to lift me off the bike!  I know they are as good as their words.  😉

The engine in that bike is the same size as the one in my car!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Rhyelysgranny

    Now Grannymar don’t be spoiling your glamorous image with tales of your dismounting sprachles. Maybe you should get one yourself. Think of the looks when the rider took of the helmet revealing an elegant lady like yourself.

    Buffy is toooooo cute. A real wee heart stealer. (a bit like the bike owner)


  2. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyelysgranny – I know the guys won’t tell anyone how decrepit I really am. It was a large bribe! 😆

  3. Rummuser

    I know exactly what you would have gone through to mount and dismount from that monster. I have first hand experience! Moral of the story – don’t do it again. If unavoidable, sit side saddle and go for a spin wearing a helmet.

    Buffy is growing up to be a lovely thing.

  4. nick

    I’ve only ridden on a motorbike once, it was a pretty hair-raising experience. You’re very aware of how tiny and vulnerable the bike is compared with all those other vehicles on the road.

    Since there are no photos, you can maintain you slipped off the bike gracefully and elegantly and then casually sauntered off….

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I was happy just to sit on the bike and have the photo opportunity. Miss Buffy is all of 6 kilos now and she thinks my job is to entertain her.

    WWW – Thank you!

    Nick – I have experienced being a pillion passenger some years ago, I think I prefer the cover and comfort of a car.

  6. Baino

    Haha loved those shots. Very cute dog but the bike? Awesome. My son has a Honda CBR 1000 and I haven’t been game to get on it! You’re a better woman than I Grannymar!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Ernestine – In my second childhood I am game for anything. 😉 Almost.

    Baino – Try it round the garden. Mind you the pillion seat is very wide. Getting off is certainly more difficult than getting on.

  8. Anders Holm

    Ladies, bike (and rider) are available to take you out for a spin if you’re in the area. 😉

    Grannymar, looking forward to take you out for a proper spin on the bike one of these days. You know where to find me. 😉

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Anders – Welcome to the blog. I hope the ladies form an orderly queue, remembering that I am first in line. 😉 It was good to see you on Saturday.

  10. Anders Holm

    Thanks Grannymar! I fully expect there to be complete and utter chaos. 🙂 Why not, everything else is anyway .. 😉 Great seeing you again! Take care and I’ll see you before ya know it. 🙂


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