Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Bad and Good

Today is the worst possible time for me to come up with the topic entitled:-


I have no homework to hand in.  Ouch!

Who mentioned the word hand?

Me?  Did I really?

I know I mentioned my hand here.

I know I will never forget the day I met my Siblings for a non wedding/funeral type gathering a week or so ago.

How it looked on 21-06-2011,

The hand showed a great improvement in the photo above, the redness had gone from wrist level to what you see above

BUT last night it got worse.

I have spent several hours trying to have somebody look at it today.  I am home with pills and cream but not fully convinced we are at the root of the problem yet.

Foolishly I didn’t think of asking George to take a photo of the hand at its worst.  Blame the agony.

I may go to bed in a darkened room and stay there until the summer is over. 🙁

Applications are open for a Housekeeper….


Never mind that for a moment.

Woopee!  I do have some excellent news.

George my wonderful Son-in-Law had news of his exam results this morning.

8 distinctions (the highest grade) and 4 merits (the next grade down).

Brilliant or what?  I am so proud of him.  It is not easy changing course and going back to College after a long break.  His preparation and hard work won the day!

Well done George!