Bad and Good

Today is the worst possible time for me to come up with the topic entitled:-


I have no homework to hand in.  Ouch!

Who mentioned the word hand?

Me?  Did I really?

I know I mentioned my hand here.

I know I will never forget the day I met my Siblings for a non wedding/funeral type gathering a week or so ago.

How it looked on 21-06-2011,

The hand showed a great improvement in the photo above, the redness had gone from wrist level to what you see above

BUT last night it got worse.

I have spent several hours trying to have somebody look at it today.  I am home with pills and cream but not fully convinced we are at the root of the problem yet.

Foolishly I didn’t think of asking George to take a photo of the hand at its worst.  Blame the agony.

I may go to bed in a darkened room and stay there until the summer is over. 🙁

Applications are open for a Housekeeper….


Never mind that for a moment.

Woopee!  I do have some excellent news.

George my wonderful Son-in-Law had news of his exam results this morning.

8 distinctions (the highest grade) and 4 merits (the next grade down).

Brilliant or what?  I am so proud of him.  It is not easy changing course and going back to College after a long break.  His preparation and hard work won the day!

Well done George!

19 thoughts on “Bad and Good

  1. Rummuser

    That hand looks ugly. My best wishes for rapid healing. Good thing that good news has come at this difficult time. Congratulations on George’s achievement.

  2. wisewebwoman

    Oh dear, GM, looks bloody awful I must say even at its so-called ‘best’. I hope you get a diagnosis and treatment very very soon.
    Congrats to S-I-L and his wonderful achievement.

  3. Rhyelysgranny

    Now see what I missed with being away. You poor soul. You are having a nasty reaction to the sunlight. dammed drugs and their side effects. Have you an aloe vera plant? Aloe really takes the heat out. I know it won’t cure it but it is a plant with wonderful healing properties.

    Congratulations to George. Well done him.

    Look after that hand and at least the weather is overcast. x

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – You saying I have ugly hands? 😆 George’s news certainly took the sting out of my troubles. 😀

    Mike – Me too!

    WWW – I hope so.

    Rhyelysgranny – I know the aloe vera plant, I would need a desert full of them right now. Do you think I have developed an allergy to blogging? 😉

  5. nick

    Ooh, that hand looks nasty. I hope you find a solution quickly. I’ve never had anything similar so I’ve no useful advice to offer. Prescription drugs can have so many unexpected and unpleasant side-effects, I avoid them whenever possible.

    Congratulatons to George!

  6. Brighid

    You just tell those docs that you need to be seen right away…you also might mention in a sweet way that it would be ever so much easier than having a certain American come over and get in their face…
    I can be packed in a flash…

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Tell me about it. The list of medications on the my OFF list grows ever longer.

    Gaelikaa – I just need to discover the cause.

    Brighid – Keep the bad at the ready!

  8. Delirious

    I decided to google it for ideas about what could be causing your hand problem. I found suggestions such as:
    and this bit of information:
    “Most cases of Erythromelalgia (EM) are idiopathic (cause unknown). Sometimes EM is secondary to other medical conditions including autoimmune, neurologic or blood disorders. Lupus, polycythemia vera and multiple sclerosis are examples.”

    … symptoms may include hands or feet that are very red to purple in color, are perhaps swollen, hot to the touch, and have burning pain.

    … symptoms may appear in the face, ears, knees or other parts of the body…. Some notice a continual burning pain while others are troubled with “flare-ups” or episodes lasting from minutes to days in length.

    … flare-ups are provoked by heat and exercise, and symptoms are relieved by cooling and elevating the affected extremities. Some TEA members have found that foods, spices like MSG, beverages (particularly alcohol) and some drugs can make symptoms worse.”

    I hope you come up with a diagnosis soon!

  9. Rummuser

    Grannymar, you have just started off a philosophical debate. Is the hand ugly or the marks on it ugly or the result of the mark on the hand ugly? Language makes life very difficult. No, your hand is not ugly but the effect of the mark on your hand is horrifying. I am truly sorry that I chose an inappropriate word to describe the effect. Forgive me.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Delirious – Thanks for the information. I have a problem at times with online diagnosis: so many conditions have similar symptoms and we can come away believing things are actually much worse than they actually are.

    Judy – It is a little less painful today.

    Ramana – You missed the :lol; above I was teasing you.

  11. speccy

    Ooh, Grannymar, you poor soul! Horrible to have it at all, but for it to come back must be very disheartening. I do think the housekeeper and the darkened room are the best thing. Our small girls are available all summer- feel free to train them properly 🙂

  12. Grannymar Post author

    speccy – The photos might explain why I am slow to visit and comment on your and so many other blogs at the moment.

  13. Ashok

    The hand looks nasty. Hope you recover soon and congratulations to your son-in-law, I am glad he didn’t prepare for his exams the way I did for mine 😛

  14. Ashok

    Clearly, he should consider writing a post on how he prepared. Contrary to my post, that is the kind of articles kids should actually read concerning exams 🙂

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Ashok – Now that he has more time for blog posting he may well do so. Schools and Colleges in Ireland finished at the end of May for all but those sitting State examination. Perhaps in September when the new year begins, would be a better time.


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