Food Monday ~ Wonder Bites

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my sister had found a tiny notebook that belonged to mammy.

She had taken it with her on a visit to my brother in Australia.  I think she knew that baking would raise its tiny head while she was with him, so a few old favourites were written in there.   The recipe today comes from that notebook.  It is very simple and requires no cooking!

Wonder Bites

2 ozs butter
4 ozs icing sugar
3 ozs coconut
3 ozs cherries, chopped
3 ozs walnuts chopped
1 teaspoon coffee essence (optional)
Spoon of Brandy** (optional)
6 ozs chocolate

Cream the butter and sugar and add the other ingredients.  Roll into small balls, cover with a clean tea-towel and set aside to firm.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water.  Dip the balls in the melted chocolate and then place them on a layer of greaseproof paper to set.

** No mention of the size of spoonful for the brandy, It might have been anywhere between a teaspoon and a shovel full!  Mammy never drank any alcohol simply because she didn’t like the taste.  We used to try and get her to have a sip, just to see the awful twisted faces she would make.  Yet she had no problem with using alcohol in cooking.

4 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Wonder Bites

  1. Baino

    Ah if I had a sweet tooth, I’m sure these would be lovely. Sounds similar to a chocolate bar we have here called “Cherry Ripe” although no alcohol in that!

  2. Ernestine

    Something sweet has to be in my cottage constantly
    I will make a copy of this
    and make sometime soon.
    This would be nice on a Christmas sweet tray.
    Thank you….

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Ernestine – Easy to make without turning on the oven – sure you have no excuse! 😉


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