Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

A Journey Begins

On Friday 1st July Eolai will bid farewell to American Dog Dog, and climb aboard throw a leg over the cross bar of his mobile studio to begin the Painting Tour – A Twitter Painting Cycle Tour of Ireland

I hope that someone will be there with a camera to record the beginning as Eolai peddles out from the Studio.

Eolai’s bike rests outside the studio

If you see this bike as you are out and about, say hello and tell him Grannymar told you to do so.   Give the man a cup of tea and you are sure of a friend for life.  If you are in a bus a car or a train at least give him a wave of encouragement along the way.

Eolai I wish you a successful journey and hope the weather is as you like it and all the hills go downwards.  I look forward to you staying with me on the final leg of the journey and showing you some of the unusual high-lights in my corner of the world.

All photos are stolen borrowed from Eolai and you can follow his journey with @eolai on Twitter as he cycles and paints along the hi-ways and by-ways round Ireland.