As I begin my piece for the Loose Bloggers Consortium this week, I would like to ask you to pause for a moment and think of Conrad and his family who were bereaved last weekend by the death of Conrad’s father Joe.  Over the past couple of years Joe had become familiar to us through Conrad’s writing and one very moving post – Fathers Are Sons’ Templates is an excellent example of the love and affection they had.  I was fortunate to have spoken to Joe via Skype, not all that long ago.   May Joe Rest in Peace and may Corky and the family find acceptance and strength in the strong bond of love between them.

Our topic today was chosen by Delirious


I could write reams about my ancestors, but so much of it would be repetition and boring for some long time readers.  I have decided instead to pick four posts from my archive.  Two are written posts sandwiched between two podcasts.  I hope you will enjoy them.

Which Branch are You? (Podcast)

My 3rd Great Maternal Grandfather 1763 – 1836

Who would you like to meet from past history?

My paternal Great Grandmother 1840 – 1921

History in the Making

My Maternal Granny 1884 – 1968

Who needs a Notebook? (Podcast)

Mammy 1914 -1996

18 thoughts on “Ancestors

  1. Delirious

    I must say Grannymar that reading your posts is equally as enjoyable as listening to your beautiful accent on the podcasts! My accent sounds so lowly in comparison!
    As I read what you had written about your grandmother, I couldn’t help but think about what an easy life I live. Surely, one reason to do our geneology is to learn about their work ethics, and the determination and faith it took for them to raise their families, and to carry on even when widowed. THese are character qualities we would do well to emulate!
    As you may know, our church is heavily committed to geneology work. The church has a vault built in to the side of a granite mountain that houses our geneological microfiche records, as well as other records. It is a high priority to keep those records safe for future generations!

  2. Alice

    My thoughts on looking at the photographs were many…first, don’t assume your readers would be bored or am I just weird? I’m fascinated by old photos. I see a bit of you in your paternal grandmother for instance. I think people by and large “rise to the occasion”, and though I cannot imagine the hard life of a famine and being in charge of such a large family–I suspect if some or most of us would do better than we think. Like Delirious mentions, one reason to learn from whence we come is to be inspired by their determination and faith. Any time you care to share more, I’ll be here.

  3. Kate

    What lovely photos – your mammy and grandma were beautiful and isn’t it quaint to see the stern expressions on the earlier photos.?

  4. Grannymar Post author

    gaelikaa – The photos of the past generations bring the people to life for me.

    Delirious – We have little comprehension of what life was really like all those years ago. Work was labour intensive and heavy both inside or outside the home.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I come from a long line of widows, this year marked thirteen for me, mammy was alone for seventeen, her mother before her twenty-six and my paternal grandmother was left with eleven children when my paternal grandfather pre deceased her by 33 years. Each time I look at the old photos I see different cousins, nieces & nephews or their children, in them. I hope to focus on other family members in
    the future.

    Kate – I suppose the early photos were really an ordeal to have taken, no digital cameras back then.

  6. Rummuser

    Simply magnificent. I am actually stunned that you have access to so much information and photographs going back into four generations. And your mellifluous narration is very soothing and riveting.

  7. Maria

    Until I started researching my family, I never knew how important photographs can be. I have been blessed because my mother was very good about lableling old photos.

    I am still laughing because I who like so many Americans thought I was more Irish than not. Turns out I am as my father once said, “A Blue-Bellied Yankee”.

    Although I have been happily away from LBC for awhile, this subject was perfect for me and I just finished a post about Ancestors

  8. Rhyelysgranny

    My condolences to Corad on the loss of hos father. He sounds like he was a wonderful man

    Those pics are gorgeous. Your mammy is quite a looker. So that’s where you get it from Grannymar 😉

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – Thank you.

    Maria – No doubt there is a little trace of Irish blood in there somewhere. Good to have you back in the fold for this week. I am on my way over for a good read. 😀

    Rhyelysgranny – Thank you. I am fascinated at how well the old photos look on screen.

  10. Brighid

    Please pass on my condolences to Conrad & his family during this sad time. Beautiful Memories…are his blessing.
    I really enjoy old photos, and I’m ever curious about the lives of the people in them. What an interesting post.

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Brighid – I will indeed.

    The old black n white photos seem to show great detail. Some day I would love to learn the story behind your header photo.

  12. Brighid

    I listened to your podcast, it was great. Have you considered being a voice for audio books? You have a wonderful way of speaking.

  13. patty

    love the podcasts! how nice to hear your voice. i can only trace my family back 5 generations but have plans to do more research this winter while on leave from my job.

  14. Conrad

    Thank you so much, GM! Everyone else who have expressed support and condolensce, too. We are doing well and I will write of it on my blog.

    But, in the meantime, I have to say that those pics are marvelous! I will save listening to the podcasts with Mom. She will love it as will I.

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Brighid – I had not considered audio books, but I was asked if I would allow some of my posts to be used for a magazine for the blind. They would be narrated by one of their usual readers. Naturally I said yes.

    Patty – At this stage my family tree covers 8 generations, two of them are below me. I have also moved side ways to include my late husbands family and my info on that branch goes back to 1841.

  16. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – I will continue to keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I had almost forgotten what I sounded like until I went hunting for these old posts. Maybe I should think about doing the odd one again.


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