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Something not right with this email.  I have altered all contactable information.

from           Heather Xxxxxx heather.xxxxxxx@her_email.com

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to                my_emailaddress@my_email.com (Yes, this is you.)
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date            XX July 2011 18:41
subject     Personal Assistant info
Signed by     heremail.com

Hi Henrietta,
We met with Marilyn today and she now has your e-mail address and mobile number.  She has asked me to pass on her e-mail address which is the.xxxxxxx@marilyns_email.com and her phone number which is (00000) 000000.  Apparently she still needs a tax reference whether or not you see to the tax and national insurance yourself and send her invoices.  As I have never dealt with this before, can I leave you to sort this out with her?  I can then get on with drafting a contract for Paul and yourself to agree on and sign.  Also I need to concentrate on work hours and rotas so that everyone knows what they are doing in September.  Many thanks for coming over yesterday, advising on the contract and giving me helpful suggestions.  I’ll be in touch soon.

All the best with your new home and past work issues,


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The problems I have with it are:

  • It arrived in my inbox addressed to MY email address
  • My name is not Henrietta
  • I know not Heather or Marilyn
  • I know several Toyboys called Paul, but none of them are attached to a Henrietta, in a new home, or in need of a contract.
  • If I was a nut, I could easily become a nuisance and pester Marilyn by email or phone.

The most unusual aspect about it is the fact there are three options at the foot of the email:- Reply, Reply to all, or to Forward.  Normally an email addressed to an individual has only the first and last options.

Do you think it is spam or a scam of some sorts?

What would you do about it?