Daily Archives: July 31, 2011

Art in the Garden ~ 10

Today is my final visit to Art in the Garden.  It was fun for me to re-live that event with a closer look at the work of some of of the pieces on display.

Bullyboy ~ Kilkenny Limestone

Patrick Barry

Patrick Barry was born in Cork in 1970.  His first exposure to stone and drawing came while working in a graveyard when he was fifteen.  Who knew that this would lead to a relationship with the medium and his life’s passion.  In his twenties he undertook a BA Degree in Fine Art at Crawford College, Cork where that passion for stone, an eye for observation and innate skill for drawing was allowed to flourish.

Metamorphous ~ Kilkenny Limestone

“The material I use is mainly Kilkenny Limestone, the tones in this stone go from blue grey to a highly polished black. At times this contrast may play an integral part in the composition of a piece.

This fresh new art form accentuates the relationship of the sculpting to drawing. My sculptures bring forth the vivid contrasts in stone in its natural state to create a three – dimensional drawing encapsulated within the sculptural form. The distinction is that this material isn’t formed by adding but by taking away.

The literal work being at times emotive placed within a stylised vessel. Each carving has its own unique context. The abstract work has an underlying human form based on the internal energy and movement, relating to the unceasing nature of ocean waves. “The interchangability of water as a medium, it becoming a conduit channelling elemental energy and the forms this can take”

Metamorphous ~ Kilkenny Limestone