Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

I left it behind

It was mine, all mine.  Do you think I should have charged them?

I do have some left!

I think I am going off my hair stylist.

He is very selective.

He left all the grey hair behind.

Seriously now my friends….

I did have this very scientific discussion with Lord of the scissors, a few months ago, but he could not grasp the concept.  He did grasp my hair long enough to cut it, and still had the strength to hold his hand out for my money.

Only the front half of my hair is turning silver.  The back half is still a brownish red – the glorious autumn glory has gone the way of last winter’s snow.  Enough of the tangent, and back to my scientific discovery.

When I wear my hair brushed to one side or back off my face the hair is grey.  IF on the other hand, and it is a big IF, I brush my hair forward (seldom happens as it doesn’t suit me), the hair is as brown as that you saw on the floor above.  So the answer is simple, the front half of each strand of hair is grey and the remainder is red/brown.

What?  You don’t believe me?  Huh!

I bet there is a mad dash for the seclusion of the bathroom in your house right now.  Go on and test out my theory, don’t forget to come back and tell me the results.

I’m waiting…..