Nomadic Update

Some Nomad

Repairing punctures (4 to date)
Drinking tea
Seldom sleeping
He is coming to see me…… eventually!

Now eight weeks into A Twitter Painting Cycle Tour of Ireland You can hear & See Ireland’s first digital nomad™ all while being a Class Study for students of the future.

You can follow week by week as told by his brother The Thirsty Gargoyle and learn about Eolaí: Painting Ireland through Social Media

I loved the Tweet from @AllanCavanagh

@eolai sleeps on the bike as he cycles. He stays in people’s houses to stay up all night painting.

For the latest peddling and weather info from where the man is at right now check Twitter – @eolai with the hash tag  #paintingtour

Now in Clew Bay… I think he might be tempted to stay…

Painting in Mayo to the sound of the sea – Photo by @eolai

At this rate it might be October before I see him.

Update on my Update:

Along the way @eolai/Liam has met some amazing people.  Some hosted him, fed and watered him – gave him tea, gave him beer or the stronger stuff if they had it.   Let him have a bed, though not all were slept in; 20 minutes shuteye on a couch and the paintbrushes were rearing to begin all over again.  They allowed him access to WiFi, it was what Liam most desired in order to update his blogs, deal with the torrent of messages on twitter and plan the next stage of the journey.  I think he packed three days into every 24 hours.

There was the lady in West Cork, totally unknown to @eolai who saw him sitting painting and arrived by his side with a pot of tea, a man size plate of sandwiches and I think there was a sweet bun or two to finish off.  She never gave him her name, but he was thrilled by her generosity.

Today he was mentioning the punctured tyres (see above) an another twitterer @aquaasho, sent this message back:

@eolai will send u down a couple on us. What type bike you on? DM me your address for next 24/ 48 hours.

Modern Social Media not alone allows us to communicate, it can bring out the best in people!

9 thoughts on “Nomadic Update

  1. Rummuser

    What a way to live. I would dearly love to be that kind of a nomad. Perhaps it is too late in the day for me. There were just no role models when I was younger I suppose. 🙁

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – The older I get, the more it appeals to me, mind you I might need a motorised golf cart instead of peddling.

    By the Way, I have added an Update to this post.

  3. bikehikebabe

    Thanks for this Post! Provides a pleasant rest from work (& exercise).

    Speaking of which. He sleeps while he’s bicycling! I did that last evening. I fell asleep on my exercise “machine”. Not a machine actually since I do all the work. Every time that happened– since I wanted to get my 1/2 hour done– I woke up enough from the jolt of falling off to grab the bars.

    I don’t recommend this. Not a good idea.

  4. Darlene

    Wow! Eolai is a true nomad. I can only imagine the rain, cold and weariness that he must experience at times. To continue on in spite of hardships is heroic. I am sure the kindness of strangers makes it all worthwhile.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – You are welcome. Be careful on that exercise machine, you don’t need any more surgery.

    Darlene – On one day the rain actually washed the paint off the canvas!

  6. Maria

    This is so exciting – the biking and that I have RSS feed now to your blog. I have to thank you for the email back a few days ago that gave me the courage to figure out feeds.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – Do you think we could do something like this on Segways?
    Glad you got the RSS sorted, it saves time chasing blogs with no new feed.

  8. tammy j

    bhb you crack me up!
    no more hitting of the head.
    rummy, i’m told it’s never too late. i know right now it’s not an option but you can visit blog-types who do it til you can! nevah, nevah, nevah give up… per old winny churchill. what’s her name… the artist granny moses didn’t start painting til she was 80 or something like that!
    i can see us all now… you and grannymar and me and probably bhb if we can tie her on her bike (motorized for all of us of course!)…
    we’ll talk about it. oh my! you’d have a nomad bike harem!!!
    love ya guys,


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