Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

A surprise

It was one of those mornings.  You waken far to early, and decide to snuggle down again for half an hour.  Then I propped myself up on the pillows waiting for the breakfast to arrive on a tray.  I could smell the bacon, mushrooms, the black & white pudding and the tomatoes.  I was ready for it….

Then there was an unmerciful thump!

Not my breakfast, there was none to begin with I was dreaming. 🙁

The thump was in the hall….

No bills, just surprises.

The green envelope contained a note from a friend and the padded envelope……

Chocolate and a Mulley comic!

I think that Elly will be jealous… I got dark chocolate and milk!

Thank you Damien, I will enjoy the dark chocolate and share the other bars with friends.