Daily Archives: August 27, 2011

Openings ~ 4

I took my camera for a dander around Antrim Town the other day.  At Market Square I found some interesting openings.

The building behind the gates is now home to a Firm of Solicitors.

The old Keep with a laneway beside it.  Perhaps these are actually part of the original walls that surrounded Antrim Castle and Clotworthy House at one time.

The lane through the Arch leads to the Six Mile Water, not far from where the river enters Lough Neagh.

At the end of the laneway I found the Boardwalk along the river. This view is looking back towards the town.  To walk to Lough Neagh, it is necessary to cross the river and walk along Lough Road past Massereene Golf Club, or return to the Market square and go through another entrance….

A modern roadway now separates the old walls from the Castle grounds.The blue and white hoarding that you can see through the arch stretches all the way around The castle grounds and means the public are not allowed access while refurbishment to Clotworthy House and the Castle Grounds takes place.  This work is due to be completed later in the year.

Pity, since it was one of the places I had on my list to suggest for Eolai! 🙁