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A stern Stern

Port Gates at Larne

Passenger and freight traffic arriving from Scotland through the Port of Larne, encounter a roundabout/rotary immediately outside the confines of the Port gates.

View as cars & lorries leave the Port.
Who was the idiot who placed the light pole directly in front of the Art work?

The Gateway Sculpture by Paul Hogarth, represents the stern of a ship and is intended as an artistic interpretation of Larne’s maritime history.  The Steel Stern, which has also been dubbed the Harbour Harp stands 12 metres high, and flanked by low stone walls.

The Stern – Larne Harbour Gateway Sculpture

At one time all passenger and freight traffic passed through these waters, but with the introduction of large fast ferries new berths and points of departure were developed in Belfast on the mouth of Belfast Lough.

I am sure that the Artist did not have a washing line in mind when he designed the piece.

During the ‘Marching Season’ in Northern Ireland some elements would hang flags on your granny if she stood on the one spot for more than five minutes.  For a country so obsessed by flags, little respect is shown for them. New flags are placed/hung with great gusto at the end of June and left in place until they look like shredded rags not fit to be used as dusters!

My inner jury is still out on this one.  Size isn’t everything!  Perhaps the light pole and flags spoiled the idea for me.