Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Good People

I know that from time to time I talk about the narrow blinkered people that I have come across in my years living in Northern Ireland.  Today I wish to redress the balance.

Yesterday morning I headed out with my camera and a long grocery shopping list.  I had three places in mind to take photographs, before having a coffee and finally doing the trolly dash at a large supermarket.

At my first point of call, I was disappointed in that the sculptures I had read about and expected to find, had been gone for many a long year.  A young lady at Reception, made a call and let me speak to another young lady at the newly refurbished Old Courthouse.  I posted a picture of it last Sunday in Openings 5.

I decided to move my car closer to where I was going and my final stop, so parked at the supermarket.

The young lady I was to meet at the Old Courthouse was Bernie and she was more than helpful.  One of my planned visits was to Pogue’s Entry, but I discovered it only opens from Thursday to Saturdays.  Bernie suggested that she take me there, and show me round.  I also spoke to a couple of gentlemen about Sculpture in the area and was brought on a tour of the Old Courthouse building.  What a difference the refurbishment has made instead of being left to decay and become derelict.

Bernie has a bubbly personality and it is obvious she enjoys her work.  We chattered easily as we walked the length of the street to Pogue’s Entry – more to come in a future post.  All I will say now is, I enjoyed my personal tour of the tiny cottage and once I sort through my photos, I will share them with you.

A big thank you to Bernie and her colleagues for their time and patience.

I walked back part of the way along the street with Bernie and teased her about going straight back to work and not to get lost – we could see the Old Courthouse so there was no way she would get lost.

I was focused on another photo opportunity and as I crossed the street I fell.  Fell full length and my face and glasses kissed the ground.  My right side took the brunt of the fall and I was worried I might have damaged my replaced hip.  My face was very sore and my teeth had caught the inside of my lip.  I didn’t move for a few moments since I needed to be sure that nothing was broken.  I know that jumping up is the worst thing you can do in these situations, sometimes even adding to the damage!

I heard a young lady ask if I was al-right.  She offered to lift me but I said to wait a moment or two and I would roll over.  I did and she helped me to a sitting position.  The young lady called Pauline, insisted on calling an ambulance since there was no member of family locally to come to my aid.  The ambulance came and they looked me over and decided that I should go to the hospital with them.  I did.

The medical staff were wonderful and caring.  They checked me over and had Xrays taken of my hips and face, thankfully there were no breaks.  My hand was dressed and a tetanus injection administered by a doppelgänger of Will Knott.

I know I will not win any beauty competitions right now, but the bruises will fade and and the soreness disappear.  Next time I go out of doors, I will watch where I put my feet! 😆

Normal service will resume tomorrow.