Daily Archives: September 14, 2011

Progress report on my fall

First off let me thank everyone for their good wishes since I had the fall.

One week later I feel so much better, having Nurse Hitler home for a few days was both physically and emotionally  a great boost for me.  She knows when to ‘push’ and when to say ‘REST’!   I am black and blue all over and my face is not a pretty sight with the multitude of colours.

The news is good… I was told that I am cracked! But you all knew that for years! 😉

I have a teacup crack just under my right eye socket and nerve damage to my face(thus the numbness).  All I need now is patience to let things settle and heal.  I am forbidden to blow my nose for six weeks and told to eat soft food.  It could be so much worse, the Dr told us about a guy on a liquid diet, he bought a full McDonald’s meal including coke and put the lot through the liquidiser!  I was never a fan of fast food, but that has put me off burgers for life!

The nerve damage, I have been warned, will be slow to recover.  Worst case scenario is 18 months…..  Hell, I won’t let that happen to me, I want to be back to normal pronto or else the Toyboys will all desert me. 🙁

Seriously though, I am following orders and doing what I am told. 😉

It is good to be back.