He is Home!

@eolai The Digital Nomad™, has completed his epic #paintingtour of 3000+ kms around Ireland, while painting, taking photos, blogging, twittering and updating his Facebook account.

It was at 8.30 pm last night that I twittered:

The Eagle has landed. To hell with the pills, I’m having a drink to celebrate @eolai finishing his #paintingtour. Congratulations my Friend!

Throughout the epic trip, The Thirsty Gargoyle (Eolai’s brother) has produced a write-up each week with photos and links  and a map of the journey.

You can also see paintings and photos here
Not alone was this a painting trip and a visual tour of Ireland in all weathers, it was a  community building experience.  Friendships were made between Liam/@eolai and his hosts, as well as amongst the followers on twitter, as we tweeted and re-tweeted what others had said.

For me, and indeed for many other followers, that special tweet each evening “I’m in and safe….!”, was a joy to read and the great sigh of relief must have been audible across the land.

The hard work of cycling may be over, but some paintings need finishing and some are yet to be started.  A dog left behind in Dublin for the past three months, needs attention and ‘yo-yos’ for the rent and other bills need to be earned.  Several paintings for hosts will not be completed – by agreement – until after Christmas.  I have told @eolai not to worry about my painting until I am sixty five.

I am sure there will be more chapters to this tale, stories to be retold of people and places, and at least one book of the  epic journey.

It was an honour to play a very small part in the #paintingtour.

2 thoughts on “He is Home!

  1. Delirious

    I was very happy to see some of the paintings when I clicked on your link. I think last time I looked, they weren’t posted. I LOVE his art, and would love to hang some of that in my own home!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Delirious – Yes, there were difficulties at times in uploading the paintings and photos, while Eolai was on the move. It is good to see them all in one place


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