Daily Archives: September 30, 2011


I had the choice of topic today for the Loose Bloggers Consortium, so I chose…..


What will I choose….

If we were all in the room together and each put our problems or worries in a basket as we entered,
I wonder whose worries we would pick to take home with us?

I think that I would pick my own.

In life we all have our basket of troubles, worries or cares
how we choose to deal with them makes all the difference.
Huddling and hiding, keeps them heavy and cold,
but, talking through and sharing, certainly lightens the load.


I know that all of you will join me is wishing Ramana a speedy recovery following his Hip surgery last Tuesday.  I have just heard from him and he was standing and walking with a walker for the first time today.  Soon he will be dancing!