I had the choice of topic today for the Loose Bloggers Consortium, so I chose…..


What will I choose….

If we were all in the room together and each put our problems or worries in a basket as we entered,
I wonder whose worries we would pick to take home with us?

I think that I would pick my own.

In life we all have our basket of troubles, worries or cares
how we choose to deal with them makes all the difference.
Huddling and hiding, keeps them heavy and cold,
but, talking through and sharing, certainly lightens the load.


I know that all of you will join me is wishing Ramana a speedy recovery following his Hip surgery last Tuesday.  I have just heard from him and he was standing and walking with a walker for the first time today.  Soon he will be dancing!

13 thoughts on “Choosing

  1. nick

    If only we could write down all our worries, put them in a basket, and kiss them goodbye! And how interesting it might be if we could swop our worries with someone else’s for a day.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Why not whisper them to a tree and let wind blow them away, or tell them to a stone and then flick it across the water of a lake or sea shore.

    Brighid – If we stay indoors our problems and worries grow to fill the space, if we go out and about, we meet people with problems far larger than our own.

  3. cathy in NZ

    I probably have some worries tucked away in my archival area of my brain but for now I have none to get in my “way” and that is something to rejoice about…any that surface can be squashed quite easily by realising I have a choice on them.

    I choose for it to be the best day today…

  4. wisewebwoman

    I was taught by an old shaman that worries are:


    And I’ve never forgotten it. It is such a waste of energy to worry as very few actually happen.

    Best wishes to Ramana!!


  5. Grannymar Post author

    Delirious & Judy – Our own troubles are never as bad as we first think.

    WWW – ‘False experiences appearing Real’ I love it, and will use it!


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