Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

Lazy Days

Tuesdays are fast becoming my lazy days.  I somehow don’t manage to have a post ready at the usual time.  Yesterday I had little Miss Buffy to distract me.


Now that is not my knitting, It was once a dog toy in the form of a thick plait.  Another week or two and it will have gone full circle – once more looking like sheep fleece!

Buffy loves somebody, anybody to hold one end while she tugs away at that other.  I was completing a task this morning when she wanted to play.  I stood on one half of the threads and she tugged at the other.  Suddenly I moved!  Yes she had found a new game – Drag a granny round the room.

I soon put a stop to that, one fall is more than enough thank you very much.

It was a day for talking,  cooking,walking, and making friends.

A Pair of Peacocks

Today I will be heading out to meet a visiting Blogger….

More later!