Food Monday ~ Mars Bars Squares

Mars Bars Squares

3ozs Butter or Margarine
3 Mars Bars sliced
3 Beakers Rice Krispies
Chocolate to cover

Melt Mars bars with the butter or margarine over a bowl of hot not boiling water.  Remove from the heat and add rice Krispies and mix well with a fork.  Press into a greased 13in X 9in tin and level out.

Melt the chocolate and pour over Krispies.  Leave to cool and set.  Cut into squares.

8 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Mars Bars Squares

  1. elly

    You forgot to add the important warning – don’t try to chill it in the fridge or store it there, as the cool temps will make the rice krispies go soggy. Store in an airtight box.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – That is willpower!

    Darlene – They are difficult to resist.

    speccy – I still have to avoid them… chewing is still off limits! 🙁


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