Daily Archives: October 11, 2011

A week away

I went to Dublin last week and spent my time playing with Buffy, visiting friends, shopping, eating, drinking and giggling like a school girl!  (I’ll not mention all the toyboys I met… hugged…. and kissed!!!)

I spent most of Wednesday in Dublin City.  I sauntered and rambled about with the camera and found a few ‘toyboys’ sitting or lying about the town.  Each had a quiet spot where I could linger, mind you the chat was rather one sided….  You saw one of them in Sunday’s post and there will be more over the next couple of weeks.

I moved on to keep an appointment with Alice of My Wintersong and Pasu, her husband, who live in Utah.  They were in Ireland for a few days as part of a tour of Scotland and Ireland. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and it was great to meet in realtime!  As I always say, we (bloggers) get to know each other on-line from the inside, so meeting is the icing on the cake.

I did take my arm back and allowed him to go home with Alice! 😆

Thursday I found time to visit @eolai/ Liam in his studio and return a blank canvas that I offered to take back to Dublin for him.  He was in fine fettle and back painting again after a couple of days rest.

Friday I went to Maynooth, shopping for a girlie night in, with some of Elly’s colleagues from Stateside.  We did have fun and the craic was mighty.

Saturday we headed for the City once more and a little retail therapy.  My sister joined us and we began with lunch in Brown’s Bar & Café by Carton House – at Brown Thomas department store.

As we headed for the escalator I was accosted greeted and hugged by Rowan Manahan It was wonderful to catch up even for a few minutes.  I do hope his dear wife forgave me for keeping him late.

After lunch it was a rib crushing hug from Darragh before we followed the crowd for the launch of Gorgeous to Go, The Beaut.ie Guide to Smart Shopping, by Aisling McDermott.

Some of the ‘Gals’ waiting to have copies of the book signed.

Photo of the book and goodie bag

With Elly and my sister, Photo by Kirstie

After all that excitement we went in search of ice cream, but not before I bought a pair of boots for the winter.  With all the talk of a harsh winter and forecast for snow, I need to be prepared.

On Saturday evening I moved to my sister’s and we had a short visit to see a friend who underwent surgery recently.

Big brother met us for breakfast on Sunday and then took me for a drive through the countryside of our childhood.  I was returned to my sister for lunch and we both went in search of a sculpture after lunch.

Yesterday, after lunch I headed back north and home.  The holiday is over and I am back to porridge my usual routine.