Openings ~ 9

Pogue’s Entry
Church Street, Antrim

Pogue’s Entry Historical Cottages

This historic corner of 18th century Antrim contains the childhood home of Alexander Irvine, who became a missionary in New York’s Bowery and eventually pastor of the Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue.

Unlocking the half door

His book “My Lady of The Chimney Corner” recalls his boyhood years in Pogue’s Entry and describes the lives of Irish country folk during the post-famine days.

2 cottages, The Chimney Corner is on the left.

Dr. Irvine’s concluding three words in ‘My Lady of the Chimney Corner’ are a fitting tribute to both his mother and experiences of his family life in those early times. “Love is enough.”

View from the doorway

The cottage consisted of two rooms.

Alexander Irvine’s father was a cobbler

The open fire

The Bedroom

The bed looked like it was 4 feet wide.

View from the end of the bed

The cottage is preserved in its original state as a tribute to Dr Irvine and a memorial park is located at the junction of Castle Way and Church Street.

The ladder leading to where the children slept above the bedroom.

Did I tell you there were ELEVEN children in the family, all reared in those two rooms?

Standing inside the half door

Narrow lanes and alleyways, lined with cottages and cabins, similar to those of Pogues Entry, once led off the length of Church Street.

Children of today don’t know they are living.  They complain if they have to share a TV, never mind a bedroom!

The buzz of cottage industry has made a welcome return to Pogue’s Entry with a resident ceramicist and it is possible to watch him at work at his own on-site kiln, the only one of its kind in Ireland or perhaps take part in one of his ceramics workshops.

Seasonal Opening Hours: June – September
Visits/Tours outside these months can be arranged by appointment only.

7 thoughts on “Openings ~ 9

  1. speccy

    This is great! My granny always had a copy of ‘My Lady of the Chimney Corner’.
    You do some great exploring, Grannymar. I need top take a leaf out of your book.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – Some ‘Openings’ may not have a story. They make the cut just because I like them.

  3. SamHenry

    Now I will go to sleep tonight and dream of living in one of the historic cottages. They are wonderful.

    Especially in the States, GM, people have this need to have bathrooms galore and large everything. I somehow feel we are running away from ourselves in these large surroundings. I myself live in a much smaller home. Small is everything wonderful: cozy, at hand, simple, easy and my size! LOVE your blog.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    SamHenry – Welcome to my blog. Those cottages were tiny. I mean TINY! Artificial light came from oil lamps and if the wick was not trimmed properly they stank. In damp dark days of winter when the wind was in the wrong direction, the smoke from the fire came back down the chimney into the room. Damp turf did not help either and all the food was cooked on that open fire. There was no running to the shop for a loaf of bread and fast food was unheard of.

    Times were tough.

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